In motion...

The verb aysay [aísai] comes from Quechua - the language of the Incas - and means "to set something in motion". We move things, we move us and we connect people!

Our aim is to present the special work of people from Peru to the world, tell their stories and improve their life conditions. aysay supports small to medium-sized local producers of traditional products in Peru. It is our mission to facilitate the development of creative ideas for the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and to sustainably improve living and working conditions.


Products and their stories...

On our regular trips to the different regions of Peru, we are always looking for special things. In bazaars, studios and through personal contacts we established, we meet people who have a story to tell, which is reflected in special handcrafted products.

A selection of these products can be found in our shop. 

But we do not just want to tell stories and thus support the local artisans, 
we also support the birth of new stories. See below ...

Preserving traditions & shaping the future ...

Our current project supports the work of women from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Amazon region, who have moved with their families to the nine million inhabitant capital Lima for various reasons. They grew up connected to the Earth and are now in the chaotic metropolis torn between two worlds. Their memories of their childhood in the jungle and the new life in the city distorts their inner balance. An important part of their tradition is the embroidery of colorful ornaments, so-called "quenés", which often represent self- experienced visions of the women after taking the ayahuasca. These quenés have a great strength and are very personal messages to the world.

aysay supports  the women by paying  them fairly  and by using part of theincome of the sale of their products to support local projects. The money willbe used consciously and responsibly in order to support the Shipibo-Conibo-women  in wisely  combining  their  original  knowledge and  traditions withthe new, hectic and material life in Lima. 
We are  excited about  the work  of  the Shipibo-Conibo  tribe  and want toknow about your opinion. Every feedback is appreciated!
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When the project starts, we´ll bring blouses, tunics, bags and skirts. 

Who we are

We are of german-peruvian origin and have a sense for cultural diversity.

what we do

We support peruvian artesans to promote their precious products in Europe and elsewhere. 


Heike and Daniel

We love what we do! We think with the heart!